How We Began

The first Babci Bag was created in 2004.  I designed it to keep myself organized.  I kept tweaking it: more pockets, heavier lining, a place for my cell phone, and I added the little zippered "stuff bag".  (For all the little things that get lost in the bottom of every woman's pocketbook). Soon, it evolved into the bag it is today--Classic, sturdy, functional, and fun!.


I've been sewing since I was in grade school.  I'm the kind of person who turns clothes inside-out in a store to see how well it's put together. I love fabric, color, and I believe in quality craftsmanship.  Though I made this bag for myself, I'm so happy it works for so many of you.

Thank you for your business.

~ Patty Desrochers

The Bags

The bags are 9.25 inches tall, 13.5 inches long, and 5 inches wide on the bottom.  Inside is a zippered pocket, one with a velcro closure, and a smaller open pocket, perfect for a cell phone or glasses.  There is even a place for a pen (included).  The single outside pocket is perfect for keys. Straps are made of heavy cotton webbing. Every bag comes with a matching zippered bag (7.25" X 5.25").

It's all about the fabric 

And the girl with the biggest stash wins, right?  If you have a fabric in mind but don't see it here, please call or email me.  Dogs, cats, sheep, turtles,etc.,(almost any critter), flowers, a certain color or print.  I can email options. 


Feel free to email any questions or comments.

Our Vision

To put a Babci Bag in every closet.  No--world peace.  Seriously-- To be much thinner and eat anything I want. (That's the one)

While I'm sewing...

I listen to books on CD. I love to sew and I love to read.  (two birds...) What's the latest book you enjoyed?

The lastest news

I work full time and I'm a full time grandmother.  As much as I loved meeting you all at craft shows, they are on hold for now.  Not enough hours in a day.

Made in Vermont